On January 1, Florida environmentalist Justin Riney will push off from Pensacola on the adventure of a lifetime – a year spent exploring and paddle boarding across Florida’s coastline and inner waterways for Expedition Florida 500 (XF500). Part of a year-long, statewide celebration Viva Florida 500, commemorating the anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon landing in April 1513 on Florida soil, the mission aims to highlight Florida’s natural beauty and diversity and raise awareness about growing pollution.

Beyond the obvious coolness of Riney literally walking the waters around his state, we love that he chose an SUP for its maneuverability and versatility…to both go the distance and cover a lot of ground,  and to provide the deftness and agility to head into the most delicate ecosystems.

Riney and his partner will be documenting their experiences and adventures in real time and in great detail, and keeping the world updated through social media, blogs and documentaries as they come in contact with dolphins, manatees, alligators and humans from all walks of life in all parts of the state.  We will be watching closely and sharing updates from this groundbreaking SUP expedition, and we encourage all of you to join in and follow along!

Expedition Florida 500 Resources:
Quiksilver and Tahoe SUP on Expedition Florida 500
Expedition Florida 500 on MotherOcean.org (Riney’s charitable organization
Expedition Florida 500 on Facebook
Twitter: @XF500

Story highlights and details (we will continue to bring you the latest news from the journey)

SUP and the launch of Expedition Florida 500
SUP, XF500 and the environment

Stay tuned…

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